Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I've Fallen For A Preset

I have a confession to make... I've been using a preset.

When presets first came out, they weren't really my thing. I didn't understand paying nearly $50 for something someone else created. Plus, I enjoyed (and still enjoy) editing my photos even if it is very basic what I do - make it a little lighter, do something with the contrast, use some highlights and make it sharper - but I got to the point where I liked the cohesiveness of a preset.

Being matchy, matchy and cohesive has never been my thing but after seeing it on other's instagram feeds, my eyeballs fell in love with the look. Now, my feed still isn't a beautiful, all one filter sight to see, but I did find a preset that I really love that help make my photos flow a tiny bit better (because let's be real, I will never be matchy, matchy - sorry momma:))

I introduce to you the Alex Garza Preset. The preset is $47, but I was able to use a coupon that Alex had available to get it cheaper - of course, I can't find a code right now though:(. It makes things a little lighter, a little tanner, and just overall better. I highly recommend this preset. I've only found one photo that it didn't look well over.

All of the images below are before and afters with no editing.
This lovely photo was of my poop picking up attire. Cute.
 My sweet babes laying in the sun.
 This cutie and I at the Fabulous Fox seeing Waitress.
 Trying out the filter on my beer to really test it out because let's get real, most of my photos are of dogs and alcohol.
The hubs and I at the Nubability event.

I'm curious to know how you feel about presets. Did you hate them then love them? Always love them? Don't give two shits? Lemme know!