Wednesday, August 20, 2014

YouTube Addiction

I don't know about you, but I have recently become ADDICTED to YouTube! I can sit for hours watching almost every video a YouTuber has a made (don't judge.. you probably have a weird obsession too). It's just so interesting to me to see what other people do in their day to day life. I also get tired of reading, so this is a way I can just watch what someone is doing rather than read about it.

Below are three YouTubers who I absolutely love and have been watching their videos for a while!

missglamorazzi - Ingrid is just.. weird! And I absolutely love that about her channel. She is not afraid to show people that she is different and quirky! Her channel is mainly about beauty, fashion, and food!

zoella - Watching Zoe's YouTube channel makes you feel like you have been best friends for ages! She talks about beauty and fashion, but she also talks about life. Zoe has really bad panic attacks, and she discusses the issue on her channel to help other girls (and guys) that might suffer from them as well. Although I do not have panic attacks, I think it would be really comforting to know that other people suffer from them too - like I wasn't alone in the world.

sprinkleofglitter - Louise's channel is very dear to me! I am a curvy girl.. always have and always will be.. and so is Louise. She helps girls embrace their curves and to not let them hold you back! Her channel is mainly about beauty, fashion, and her sweet family.

DISCLAIMER: I am not being sponsored for this post. All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain. 

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