Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SBC 30: Thirty Random Facts About Me

Well, for my first blogging challenge I would give myself a C-. I almost made it through the entire month, but sleep, part-time jobs, and 'me time' finally caught up with me. I wanted to at least do the last day of the September Blogging Challenge to let you know a little more about me.

1. My favorite colors are green and purple.
2. I don't cry often. If I do, it usually has something to do with an animal.
3. I am terrified of the dark.
4. Frogs and lizards are my two worst enemies.
5. I usually have crazy, random dreams and can remember them.
6. My dream job would be to work for a professional sports team or be some sort of a theme park enthusiast.
7. I LOVE to travel and plan trips!
8. We celebrate Fat Tuesday as a holiday.
9. I'm a certified scuba diver.
10. Sweets will always win over salty foods in my book.
11. My hair has never been dyed nor have any chemicals been used in it.
12. I have my pharmacy technician license.
13. I hate having long fingernails but that is the only time I will paint them.
14. Sending the letter "K" in a text message is a good way to get punched in the face:)
15. My shoe size varies from 9, 9.5, and 10. I know.. I have effing canoes for feet.
16. I've donated my hair three (maybe four, I can't remember) times.
17. I wear house shoes in public, especially my UGG moccasins.
18. Wrapping Christmas presents is one of my favorite things to do.
19. I've always wanted to have a month long honeymoon - one week in the mountains, next week in a big city, third week on a beach, and fourth week to go home and relax.
20. Forgetful is my middle name.
21. I love dancing and singing even though I am not very good at either.
22. I officially cannot cook. I mean, I spill the milk trying to pour up some cereal.
23. I'm an only child.
24. There are 18 members on my mom's side of the family that are local, and we get together for every birthday and every holiday. We also buy presents for every single person for Christmas, so each person would get a present from my parents and me. And honestly, I wouldn't change it!
25. I only like celebrating birthdays on the actual person's birthday (same goes for holidays)!
26. Living in a big city has always been a dream of mine.
27. I enjoy playing video games and watching John play video games. I help him find people to snipe!
28. The number 22 is my favorite number.
29. I love, love scary movies, and I cannot close my eyes or turn my head while watching them. I need to see what actually happens!
30. My parents let me watch wrestling as a baby because that was the only thing that would keep me quiet.
Your turn! Tell me a random fact about you!
All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Roaming Traveler: Just Beachin'

A couple of weeks ago, John, part of his family, and I went to Fort Walton Beach, Florida for a late family vacation. My parents and I go to Fort Walton almost every year for our summer vacation, but this year they were unable to make it. Every time I seem to go to Fort Walton, the water is filled with seaweed. Not the normal hard seaweed that you can pick up and throw out of your way, but the slimy kind that gets stuck in all the wrong places. However this year, the water was beautiful!

We stayed at The Islander Condominiums, and they were great! I would definitely stay there again.

I loved that the owners of the condo had this sign hanging on their balcony! So fitting.

On the first night, we drove to Destin and ate at one of my favorite restaurants, AJ's. The seafood is always so fresh, and it overlooks the Destin Harbor.

After we ate we walked along Destin Harbor. A tradition for me is to feed the fish. But at 10pm, none of the fish seemed to be very hungry.

Forgot your sunscreen? Go use the sunscreen vending machine! Whoever thought of this idea is simply brilliant! This was also on Destin Harbor where most of the excursion boats leave from.

The next morning, before John and I hit the beach, we had to stop off at Waves to get a float. I've always wanted to get an animal float, so this year I did and chose this awesome alligator. His name is Gotti! We had so much fun playing with this thing in the water. And yes, it did come home with us!

John and I stayed at the beach for 6 days before leaving to meet his other half of family in New Orleans, Louisiana! The beach is one of my favorite places to go, even if I am out there by myself. I was so happy that the water was pretty this year. I guess the hint is to go after Labor Day.

Did you take any late summer vacations?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SBC 23: Things I Want To Learn How To Do

1. Calligraphy - I have dabbled with Calligraphy but still haven't mastered the technique.
2. Deep Water Scuba Diving - As I mentioned in this post, I am a certified scuba diver meaning I can dive up to 100 feet. Receiving my deep water certification would mean I could dive further than that!
3. Grill - Most men work the grill, but I think it would be fun to learn how to do.
4. Drive a Stick (Don't let your mind go into the gutter.. I know mine already did.)

5. File my fingernails in a square shape.

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.

Monday, September 22, 2014

SBC 20, 21, + 22: A Cause I Am Passionate About, Another OOTD, Songs I Have On Repeat


Compassion International is a Christian organization that helps children in poverty become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. They do this by working through local churches to provide child development programs. The church-based program teaches the children life-changing benefits ranging from educational opportunities to healthcare. Sponsoring a child allows them to participate in this program.

While I was in college, Compassion International came to speak during one of our Chapel days. When they were done speaking, they asked for people to raise their hand who wanted to sponsor a child. I'm not one who raises their hand very often in front of people, but for some reason I felt the need to raise my hand. They handed me a picture (so I didn't have to choose who I wanted to sponsor) of this little girl who had the same birthdate as John. I knew I was meant to sponsor her, and I have been sponsoring her for two years now.

Check out their website for more info.


This is such an exciting outfit (sarcasm).
Top: Random T-Shirt
Bottoms: Nike Yoga Pants
Shoes: North Face Flip Flops


Mary Lambert

Black Widow
Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

Shake It Off
Taylor Swift

I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Whitney Houston

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Roaming Thoughts of the Week - Three

Roaming Thought #1:

This isn't necessarily a thought but more of a statement - Hampton Inn beds are the comfiest beds to sleep in! I had to work out of town this week in Oxford, MS. While I wasn't out and about working (mainly driving), I was laid up in the bed watching YouTube videos. I've stayed in several Hampton Inns, and the beds are consistently amaze-balls (do people still say that?).

Roaming Thought #2:

Is it worth adding an iPad to my Christmas list? It would be strictly used for games and fun things.

Roaming Thought #3:

I love mirrors in my apartment. They really open up the space, but I don't want to go overboard with them. I'm in search for a full length mirror right now, which I would want to put in my living room. The problem is I already have a huge mirror over my couch. Would it look like a fun house in there if I added another mirror? I really, really love the one above from Ikea.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Do you have any exciting plans?

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.

SBC 18 + 19: Another Thankful Thursday + Link Love

I am extremely thankful for my bed. Between vacation, being out of town for work, and dog/house sitting, I am exhausted. But I love coming back home to sleep in my bed.
The forums on TripAdvisor are one of my favorite things to read, especially when I am planning a trip somewhere. My favorite topic to read are the trip reports. I love reading what other people do while on vacation and what they recommend. The comments to the itinerary help are my second favorite thing to read. Most of the time, they are really helpful.
When I need a good laugh, I pop over to BuzzFeed. The articles are hilarious and sometimes informative!
How I keep track of all the blogs I love to read.

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SBC 17: Another Day In The Life

Woke up a little late this morning! Woops!

Got ready for work then went downstairs to eat breakfast, which I rarely do. I love, love this green top that I got from The Loft Outlet when I was in Destin last week (please excuse the wrinkles).

Most of my day consisted of driving.

Dead corn stalks.

This is pretty much what I saw while driving all day - fields after fields after fields. Sadly, I don't know what is growing in any of these fields, such a bad Mississippian.

I got back to the hotel around 4:30pm and just vegged out. I took a shower then went to pick up McDonalds. Now it's time to FINALLY catch up on some Revenge! I have to limit myself to only a few shows, or I will be up until 4:00am still watching! It's just so addicting. I want to know what happens next!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Orleans Saints NFL Run Series

My dad, John, and I participated in the NFL Run Series for the second year in a row. We absolutely love doing this run and supporting our team! I talked about the first year that we did the run here.

This year was so exciting because the run was almost sold out!

This is what we ran through to get onto the field! Once you step foot onto the field, you are timed for your 40-yard dash, so everyone runs to the finish line! But I mean, lets get real... I was dying from just walking the 5K, much less having to run a 40-yard dash. My 40-yard dash was more like a 40-yard hobble trot.

Oh so sweaty!

And what's a race without a medal?

Who wants to refuel with a banana and water when you can have unlimited free beer? The ones who walk the race do, which would be us!

This is the new Tom Benson (owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans) statue that overlooks Champion Square in front of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome!

Have you ever participated in a NFL Run?

SBC 16: Makeup-less Tuesday + What Beauty Means to Me

I am wearing makeup today because I am having to go visit people for work, so this was taken yesterday! When I look at this picture, all I can think of is the song Get Your Shine On by Lil Wayne.

Beauty (to me) is about being confident in your own skin and loving yourself. It all starts with you. You have to learn to love who you are and how you were made. Once you've gotten that down, your beauty will be radiant!
God doesn't make anything or anyone ugly! :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

SBC 12, 13, 14 + 15: Favorite Quotes, Guilty Pleasures, Favorite Things About Blogging, Favorite TV Shows

Blogging was put on the back burner due to the fact that WiFi was going to cost $11.99 a day on the last leg of our trip, and I would have needed it for four days. Uumm, no thanks! But I am back, so all is well!

Let's get caught up on the September Blogging Challenge, shall we?



Shoes of all sorts - sneakers, flip flops, boots, heels, house shoes.

Ice cream! Not just any ice cream, but Ben & Jerry's Phish Food! If this shit didn't cost almost $6.00 a pint, my freezer would be stocked with it at all times.

Designer handbags. This is the newest bag that I have my eye on. Sadly, my wallet does not like this guilty pleasure, so I do a lot more looking than buying.


>Having an excuse to take hundreds of pictures because, "It's for my blog."
>Seeing that my life really isn't as boring as I thought it was.
>Documenting everything, so I can go back and read it one day.
>Learning more about myself.
>Interacting with other people that I would have probably never met if it wasn't for blogging.


Pretty Little Liars
The Blacklist
Person of Interest
Young & Hungry
Keeping Up With the Kardashians (don't judge me)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

SBC 11: Make A Wish!

I wish to go scuba diving in Grand Cayman - again!

In 2010, my parents took me (and John) to Grand Cayman for my 21st birthday! I had just passed my SSI Scuba Diving certification, so I was extremely excited to scuba dive there. The water was crystal clear and beautiful! On our first dive, we went down to 100 feet, and we could still see at least another 100 feet. We dove six times throughout our trip (John was already certified), and saw lion fish, a HUGE sea turtle, barracuda, angel fish, and so much more! We also dove at Sting Ray City and were able to feed the sting rays - so freaking awesome! I would love to go back!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SBC 9 + 10: OOTD + Day In My Life

Top: Jones of New York
Skirt: Lane Bryant (no longer available, similar)
Necklace: Tiffany's (similar)
Bracelets: Assorted David Yurman and Hermes

John, his family, and I went out to eat at Dewey Destin's in Destin, Florida last night! This was my outfit of choice! It was extremely lightweight and airy. Just what you need when you are slightly sunburned.

Sadly, I do not have any pictures to upload for my 'day in the life of' post, so here goes a brief overview of my typical Wednesday..
7:00am - Snooze about 3 times then finally wakeup
8:00am - Work
11:30 - 12:30pm - Lunch
4:00pm - Leave work and head home
6:15pm - John and sometimes my parents come to my house
7:00pm - Supper time
9:00pm - John goes home
9:30pm - Bath time
10:00pm - Bedtime
Typing out what I do on a typical Wednesday is kind of depressing.

Monday, September 8, 2014

SBC 8: Eight Things I Love About Myself

I feel so conceited talking about myself, especially telling what I love about myself. Yikes! Also, is it weird that I found it extremely hard to come up with eight things that I love about myself?

1. My hair. Even though it is straight as a board, it is (usually) shiny and soft without having to do anything special to it. I have never colored, permed, or used any chemicals on my hair. My hairdresser says I have virgin hair, haha!

2. Not afraid to try something new. I am always up for trying something different and new! Sometimes I see it as a challenge, but mainly I'm just curious.

3. Never meeting a stranger. I love that I can talk to anyone about anything or to anything (the wall) about anyone.

4. My love for animals. Animals have always had a very special place in my heart!

5. Work ethic. This is something I definitely pride myself on. I've had a job since the week after I turned 15 years old and kept that job for eight years. I'm a very hard worker and like staying busy. If I have down time at work, I try to find something else that I can work on.

6. Handwriting. Let me start by saying my dad is a draftsman, and draftsmen have the neatest handwriting in the world. In sixth grade, my dad told me that my handwriting looked like bad subway graffiti and threatened me with penmanship classes if it did not improve. I was in sixth grade! Who takes penmanship classes? That is so uncool. So from that day on, I've had the neatest handwriting I could possibly have and did not have to take penmanship classes. And yes, that allowed me to stay a cool sixth grader.

7. Love for travel. From traveling across the pond for the Olympics to taking the "long way" home, I have always loved to travel. I love seeing and exploring new places and things and just going on an adventure.

8. Ability to make up words to any song, whether I know the real words or not, and sing them out loud.

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

SBC 7: Seven Things I Would Like to Work On/Improve

This one is rather hard for me, and I feel like will sound slightly cliche, but..

1. Start walking. Nuff said.
2. Learn more about the art of snapping a good photo.
3. Drink more water.
4. Watch more movies. According to John, I am movie deprived.
5. Learn how to write code. John majored in computer science. I'm sure he would just LOVE to help me! :)
6. Work on managing my money better.
7. Paint my fingernails more often.

Since this blogpost was so short, I figured I would leave y'all with this gorgeous sunset John and I saw on the way to New Orleans on Friday night. Photo props to John! This picture is beautiful!

What are some things you would like to improve or work on?

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

SBC 6: Six Things About Fall I'm Looking Forward To

This is one of my favorite holidays! Carving pumpkins, haunted houses, scary movies, costumes, candy.. I love it all!

New Orleans Saints Football.

Louisiana State University Football.
Geaux Tigers!

Since Mississippi is hot (pretty much) year round, I base Fall on when the leaves begin to change colors. I love hopping into the car, with John and a coffee, and ride around looking at all of the different colored leaves.

Cozy sweatshirts and men's pullovers.
Fall brings out sweaters for most people, but for me, it brings out my variety of sweatshirts. It also brings out John's Ralph Lauren Pullover collection (swoon!)! He looks so handsome in these pullovers, and I love wrapping myself in them as well.

Mississippi State Fair.
Yes, carnival rides can be scary because of the extra bolts you see lying around while on the ride, but I absolutely love the fair! We don't have an amusement park near by, so this is a close as we are going to get! The weather is guaranteed to turn cool when the fair arrives, then when the fair leaves, so does the cool weather.

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.