Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Orleans Saints NFL Run Series

My dad, John, and I participated in the NFL Run Series for the second year in a row. We absolutely love doing this run and supporting our team! I talked about the first year that we did the run here.

This year was so exciting because the run was almost sold out!

This is what we ran through to get onto the field! Once you step foot onto the field, you are timed for your 40-yard dash, so everyone runs to the finish line! But I mean, lets get real... I was dying from just walking the 5K, much less having to run a 40-yard dash. My 40-yard dash was more like a 40-yard hobble trot.

Oh so sweaty!

And what's a race without a medal?

Who wants to refuel with a banana and water when you can have unlimited free beer? The ones who walk the race do, which would be us!

This is the new Tom Benson (owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans) statue that overlooks Champion Square in front of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome!

Have you ever participated in a NFL Run?

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