Sunday, September 7, 2014

SBC 7: Seven Things I Would Like to Work On/Improve

This one is rather hard for me, and I feel like will sound slightly cliche, but..

1. Start walking. Nuff said.
2. Learn more about the art of snapping a good photo.
3. Drink more water.
4. Watch more movies. According to John, I am movie deprived.
5. Learn how to write code. John majored in computer science. I'm sure he would just LOVE to help me! :)
6. Work on managing my money better.
7. Paint my fingernails more often.

Since this blogpost was so short, I figured I would leave y'all with this gorgeous sunset John and I saw on the way to New Orleans on Friday night. Photo props to John! This picture is beautiful!

What are some things you would like to improve or work on?

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain. 

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