Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Roaming Traveler: Just Beachin'

A couple of weeks ago, John, part of his family, and I went to Fort Walton Beach, Florida for a late family vacation. My parents and I go to Fort Walton almost every year for our summer vacation, but this year they were unable to make it. Every time I seem to go to Fort Walton, the water is filled with seaweed. Not the normal hard seaweed that you can pick up and throw out of your way, but the slimy kind that gets stuck in all the wrong places. However this year, the water was beautiful!

We stayed at The Islander Condominiums, and they were great! I would definitely stay there again.

I loved that the owners of the condo had this sign hanging on their balcony! So fitting.

On the first night, we drove to Destin and ate at one of my favorite restaurants, AJ's. The seafood is always so fresh, and it overlooks the Destin Harbor.

After we ate we walked along Destin Harbor. A tradition for me is to feed the fish. But at 10pm, none of the fish seemed to be very hungry.

Forgot your sunscreen? Go use the sunscreen vending machine! Whoever thought of this idea is simply brilliant! This was also on Destin Harbor where most of the excursion boats leave from.

The next morning, before John and I hit the beach, we had to stop off at Waves to get a float. I've always wanted to get an animal float, so this year I did and chose this awesome alligator. His name is Gotti! We had so much fun playing with this thing in the water. And yes, it did come home with us!

John and I stayed at the beach for 6 days before leaving to meet his other half of family in New Orleans, Louisiana! The beach is one of my favorite places to go, even if I am out there by myself. I was so happy that the water was pretty this year. I guess the hint is to go after Labor Day.

Did you take any late summer vacations?