Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Decorations Are Officially Up

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays! 

John and I spent all of tonight decorating the apartment with a lot of my parents old Halloween decorations and some that we bought ourselves!

Since I live in an apartment, outside decorations were kind of tricky, but we managed to make it work! The blow mold (in the first picture) is sitting on top of my patio table so people can see it over the rail. My parents had an old Halloween flag that we hung on the back door. The flag is pretty creepy if you ask me!

Since the table runner was too small for my dining room table, we decided to use it on my coffee table.

This is by far mine and John's favorite decorations in the entire apartment! We used spider web to cover the table and found these cute spider web placemats at Home Goods. We then added a few glittery spiders and a hand-me-down skull to finish off the look.

This section is more of my modern Halloween/Fall decorations. I love that the skull's eyes light up!

Most people setup Christmas villages, but we have a Halloween village instead.

This skull head.. So creepy!

Last but not least are my window decorations! It's not much, but I like that it adds a little something to the window area.

We also put caution tape on the front door as a little something as well. I didn't want to put anything valuable up just in case someone stole it!

John and I will be carving pumpkins closer to the middle of October so that they will last for Halloween! I'm hoping that we get some trick or treaters at the apartment.

Have you decorated for Halloween yet?

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