Monday, October 6, 2014

The Roaming Traveler: NOLA Baby!

Aaahh, New Orleans. It's practically my second home. My dad is from here and we still have family that lives there, so we are always going down for a visit.

For my and John's second leg of vacation, we met the other half of his family in New Orleans. You can read about the first leg of our journey here and here. His dad had never been, so I was excited to take part in touristy New Orleans.

We walked around the French Quarter and Jackson Square, and as many times that I have been to New Orleans, I always have to take a picture of the St. Louis Cathedral.

Cafe Du Monde. The best beignets in the world! If you get an "order" - which is three beignets - you must order a chocolate milk to go with it.

St. Louis Cathedral.

The Crescent City Connection, formerly known as / everyone else knows it as the Greater New Orleans Bridge, crosses over the Mississippi River.

Streetcars, mistakenly called trolleys, get you around a good portion of the city without having to get your car out of the hotel parking garage just to go park it in another $35.00 parking lot.

Visiting the cemeteries was John's dad's favorite part of the trip and partly mine. I do find it extremely creepy to take pictures of someone's grave, but it was just hard to pass up. When in New Orleans.. Since New Orleans is below sea level, the deceased must be buried above ground in stone crypts or mausoleums.

These pictures were taken at the St. Louis Cemetery No. 3.

City Park is a 1,300 acre public park in New Orleans. You could spend all day here. My favorite time to visit is around Christmas time for Celebration In The Oaks.  

These cemetery pictures were taken at Lake Lawn Metairie Cemetery. Some of my great grandparents are buried here, but this cemetery also houses 'Millionaire's Row'. Here are a couple of names you might recognize..

Al Copeland - creator of the Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits fast food chain

Ruth Fertel - founder of Ruth's Chris Steak Houses

There is nobody famous that I know of buried in the tomb below, but John said the black running down the front of it looks like old blood. *insert Emoji frightened face*

Who else was obsessed with ABC Family's Ravenswood? I totally was but it did not get renewed after season 1. Damn them. Most of Ravenswood was actually filmed in New Orleans, so when I saw a raven/crow (I don't know my birds) sitting on top of a grave I had to take a picture of it!

Hard Rock Cafe on Bourbon Street.

We stayed at the Harrah's while we were in New Orleans, and it was very nice and a great location. I would definitely recommend it. My favorite was the Hoodoo Lounge that was in the casino. It was just different and suited my fancy.

If you have never been to New Orleans, I would highly recommend it! There is something for everyone to do! And despite what people think, you do not see boobies on every street corner. If you do, they are 99% of the time tourists.

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.