Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trying to Understand the Blogging World

Starting a blog seems so easy, and it is. You just click that button on Blogger that says 'new blog', pick a name, and BAM you have yourself a blog. Sounds simple right? Not necessarily (*pats self on back* I just spelled that word without having to look it up).
There are certain things you need to think about when starting a blog.
1. What kind of blog do you want to write? Lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, photography, cooking, fitness (that was the first one I scratched off my list), DIY? The list goes on and on. I chose a lifestyle blog because I felt like it left my blog open for me to talk about whatever I wanted too.
2. Do you want to grow your blog and have lots of readers? Or do you just kind of want to stay in the background? I'm more of the stay in the background type. If people find me, than that is awesome! If not, that's okay too.
3. How much money are you wanting to spend on your blog? I personally did not want to spend any money on my blog except for getting a domain name. I got mine through GoDaddy. It was $50 plus I got a personalized email address.

Just a few things to think about:)

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.

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