Thursday, January 8, 2015

Roaming Thoughts of the Week - Four

Roaming Thought #1:
I really like calendars. They are so pretty and make me feel so professional. But why can't I stick to using the damn things? And why do they all have to be cute? Do calendar makers (is that a thing) know that we cannot fit our work and life schedules into the little block of space they give us to write in?

Roaming Thought #2:
How can I not find a sleeve for my laptop? Have 15" Mac Book Pros become obsolete? WTH!

Roaming Thought #3:
Love Actually (the movie). I don't quite understand the greatness of it. John and I watched it with my parents last weekend, and I felt like I was watching a mild porno. Oh, don't act like you haven't seen one before. But seriously, everyone has seen one, right?

Roaming Thought #4:
Gel fingernail polish is so hard to remove! I don't want to spend my time and $7 to get it removed.

Roaming Thought #5:
I am so ready for Mardi Gras in February! How many days can I wear my striped Mardi Gras shirt before it gets stanky?

All opinions shared are my own - straight out of my roaming brain.

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