Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Since I've Been Gone


This morning I was reading through my Bloglovin' feed, drinking my tea, when I realized how much I missed blogging. I don't even know why I stopped, but I would think just laziness. It gets me every time. Damn you laziness!

I saw that Maddie Chester recently took a year off and came back to blogging, and it made me wonder how long I had taken off. It had been exactly 361 days. Crazy! So I figured I would give my highlights of 2015 then get on with 2016 because so far it has been an amazing and life changing year!

APRIL 2015:
Quit my job and started working at the drug store full-time. A day later, John found out he had to move to the St. Louis area for his job.

JUNE 2015:
Went to Disney World for our friends' wedding and to see John's family.

On that same trip, John proposed at Dayton Beach, Florida! It was perfect!

Found my wedding dress!

Had the BEST bachelorette weekend in New Orleans with the greatest friends a girl could ask for!

Halloween occurred while in NOLA, so we dressed up as zombie bride and bridesmaids!

...And we got rained on but still had the best time!

Packed up my apartment to move my stuff to John's new apartment and so I could move back in with my parents until after the wedding.

Had some of the greatest bridal showers I could have ever asked for.

Got our marriage license.

And enjoyed Christmas!
It was an incredible year for both me and John! We have the most amazing family and friends, and we could not have done any of this without them!

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