Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Perks of Being Chubby

There are many perks to being a bigger girl, and I've made a list of them for you! So if you are chubby or becoming chubby, this one's for you..

1. Your boobs will (most likely) get bigger if you are chubby or in the process of becoming chubby. I went from a B to a D.

2. Your husband's t-shirts fit you like a regular shirt. Instead of people being like, "you are totally wearing your husband's shirt." *eye roll* They are like, "cool, vintage band shirt. I've got to have one." *fist bump*

3. You save money. A lot of girls get caught up with spending money on lots of cheaper clothes that are cute but won't last for more than 2 wears, but we save money because half that shit don't fit us. (amazing grammar Sarah, you go girl)

4. People give you space when you sit somewhere. More room for this girl? I'll take it.

5. Our one piece swimsuits have "tummy control" in them, so we don't have to suck in while wearing a bikini. More beer for me.

6. You are automatically allowed to buy a big soaker tub for your house, and your husband can't say anything about it because if he did then he would be calling you big.

7. Ordering a large size or biggie size portion from a fast food restaurant is okay, especially if you are having a bad day. Heelllloo McDonald's 10 piece nugget, large fry, large coke, with barbeque sauce. My favorite!

8. You don't have to prepare for stretch marks when you have a baby because they are already there.

9. Judgement at buffets are non-existant because you most likely fit in with the crowd.

10. Last but not least, no one can beat your badass cannon ball in the swimming pool.

To all of my chubby girls who are too lazy to change it, like me, you just have to embrace it. You are perfect in every way. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.