Monday, August 28, 2017

Carnivore Turned Herbivore For a Meal

I love meat, I come from a family that loves meat, and I married into a family that loves meat. But recently I've been very intrigued on people that are vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based. They seem to cook a hell of a lot more than this meat eating family does, and it seems like fun trying to figure out what you can and can't have to eat (and somewhat stressful). So I wanted to give a few things a try but only a few things because this shit is expensive.

I convinced John to go with me to Whole Foods ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON, when the rest of St. Louis was grocery shopping, to pick up my goods. It seems to be the gettin' place for all things healthy, so why not. It also helps that we have been playing the heck out of Shopkick recently and that helped lure him out of the house as well. We are mildly addicted to this app. It gives you kicks for walking into a store, scanning certain items, buying certain items, and scanning your receipt. Those kicks accumulate towards a gift card of your choosing, and it's all free! Our entire Friday night was spent Shopkicking. #couplesgoals
First on the shopping list, I wanted to get something sweet because I have a massive sweet tooth. I decided on the Unreal Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. I've never seen a cup that had almond butter, so I wanted to give that a whirl. I must say that I actually like them. It's different tasting with the dark chocolate, but I really like them. I can't compare them to Reese's because they are dark chocolate and almond butter. The cups are pretty tiny, so I could easily demolish this bag walking from the checkout line to the car. I've restrained myself, and I think I have two left.

Next, I was looking for a protein bar that would hold me over from breakfast to lunch then lunch to dinner. I get so ravenous in those parts of the day. I've recently tried the OhYeah! ONE Protein Bars and didn't care for them too much. They taste too much like protein. I don't want to know that I'm eating something relatively healthy. I just want it to taste good. I've been seeing these RXBARS a lot, and I must say they have a much better flavor than the Oh Yeah! bars. They are very sticky, like the inside of a raisin sticky. It didn't throw me off too bad but just a warning. I would definitely buy these again but try a different flavor.
Lastly, the burger.. This is what got me intrigued in the herbivore world. I watch a YouTuber that swears by these burgers, and I've watched so many of her vlogs that I just had to see what the hype was about. Can I just say I 100% understand the hype behind them. They.Are.Delicious. I ate one on Sunday night and used avocado instead of mayonnaise. Who am I? I tried John's meat burger (sounds so dirty but you get it) after taking a bite of my meatless burger, and I actually liked mine better! It could've just been the difference in seasoning. I don't know, but mine was good. If you are a meatless human, please give these burgers a try and let me know if you can taste a difference because I really can't.

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