Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Birthday Weekend

On this particular year, I turned the big 2-8, and no quarter life crisis yet!

My parents were able to come visit this year for my birthday, and it couldn't have been better. 

Let's recap my amazing birthday weekend, shall we?! To be fair, this is just the actual weekend of my birthday. Clearly I celebrate the whole month of July for my birthday.. duh.

My parents got into town late Thursday night. They usually work a little over half a day and then make the eight hour drive to come up. Since they got in so late Thursday night, we did a lot of talking and then all went to bed, so we could hit the ground running Friday (my actual birthday) and a lot of running we did.

First stop was lunch. We ate at the Capitalist Pig where you get to eat in an old jail cell! The atmosphere was so cool, but the food was just sort of meh. 

Next stop was the Pottery Barn outlet, a few other stores, then back to the house to prepare for.. wait for it.. black light bingo at a brewery! Does it get better than that?

We went to the Old Bakery Beer Company in Alton, IL. We had dinner and tried every beer they make and currently had on tap. In the end, my favorite beer ended up being the Hibiscus Tart. The flavor was summery, and the color was pretty. It made me feel fancy drinking it.

Now was time for blacklight bingo! We didn't win anything, but we had an absolute blast supporting the Old Bakery Beer Company and Grassroots Grocery. I would highly recommend playing blacklight bingo, especially when there is alcohol involved!

Saturday night was probably my favorite night of all. My dad boiled shrimp, corn, and potatoes (my favorite)! We all just sat outside listening to music, talking, and drinking beer! My mom made my favorite chocolate chip cookie cake! I have it every year for my birthday! It's a tradition. It was just the best night!

On Sunday, we spent the day exploring Alton, IL. If you ever want to go antique shopping, go to Alton.

The two pictures below have nothing to do with antique shopping, but this cool tower was in a cemetery!

My dad and I went up into the Lewis & Clark Confluence Tower to see where the Missouri River and Mississippi River meet. John and my mom are afraid of heights, so they decided to stay at the bottom.

Lastly, we went to my favorite custard place in O'Fallon, IL.. GATOR'S! It just happened to also be National Ice Cream Day, so they had a free photo booth setup!

My birthday was fabulous! I love my people!:)

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