Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Roaming Thoughts of the Week - Five

Roaming Thought #1:
Why are rugs so expensive? I finally found the perfect rug - right size, right color, right feel - but it's $1,199 at the Pottery Barn Outlet. That's like half of Layla's upcoming knee surgery. I also found my extremely non-affordable dream rug at Restoration Hardware. It's only like $8,000. Can you imagine if something got on that rug? I think I would die.

Roaming Thought #2:
John and I just got finished binge watching How I Met Your Mother. All I can say is that I had all the feels, and I'm still processing them. In the meantime, John and I now do the Lilly and Marshall high five quite often. We are so hashtag goals now.

Roaming Thought #3:
Is anyone watching The Bold Type on Freeform? I just binged watched the first five episodes, and it's so good! It makes me wish I had some fashion sense. Choosing what t-shirt goes with what shoes is about as far as I can go.

Roaming Thought #4:
Between HIMYM and The Bold Type (and Friends and SATC), I am totally ready to move to NYC - which will probably happen in the year 20never. But occasionally I look for apartments on Street Easy to see what we could actually afford and what borough we could live in. So far it's just made me wish I chose a different career path because I can't afford shit there.

Roaming Thought #5:
One of my best friends just had her baby yesterday, my other best friend is having her baby in a month, my other best friend will have a one year old next month, and my other best friend's little girl started K5! All of this hit me like a pile of bricks this morning, and my eyes just started welling up with tears. I'm so happy for my besties and these beautiful miracles they have created! I wonder when John and I will have children? Maybe when we move to NYC.