Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Perfect Plus Size Dress

This weekend, John and I were looking for a new church to call home. Since we've moved to Illinois, we have been on the hunt, and let me tell you, its been hard. We still haven't found the right one for us, but we still have hope we will find it. 

However.. We got to church early Sunday, and well, quite frankly, we don't like being early to a new church. It makes us uncomfortable. But I loved the outfit I was wearing. I saw an empty parking lot down the road and asked John if he would take a few pictures of me for the blog. 

I am in no way a fashion blogger, but we had the best time trying to "get that shot" in the 10 minutes we had before going to church. These pictures were the best we could do with a cellphone and no experience. We will get better (hopefully)!
On to the outfit.. My dress is from Old Navy, and it is one of the most comfortable and versatile dresses I've purchased in a while. I have quite a large butt and hips, and this dress doesn't hug any of those areas, which is quite rare! It's currently out of stock, but they have some other really cute colors on sale right now! My shoes are by Gianni Bini that I bought forever ago at a Dillard's sale. If I can ever get my hands on another pair of these booties, I will. They are so comfortable. I'm carrying my Louis Vuitton Totally MM that I LOVE, and my sunglasses are Ray-Ban aviators. Lastly I am wearing one of my favorite necklaces from Orange Magnolia. I have two necklaces and two pairs of earrings, and I love each and every piece! I highly recommend her jewelry!

Let me know what other dresses I should be looking at for Fall!

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