Saturday, August 5, 2017

We Finally Got The Ikea Mongstad Mirror

It has been a long time coming with The Hublers and this Ikea Mongstad Mirror. Let me take you back..

When John moved to the St. Louis area two years ago, Ikea was just about to open its doors here. I came up for a visit one weekend, and we had a look around. That's when we found THE MIRROR. I loved it, he loved it, our apartment was going to love it, but we had no way to transport it and funds were tight. We kept saying would go back and get it when my parents visited. They have a minivan that can somehow fit everything into it - including half of a couch from the Pottery Barn Outlet.

Over the past year, my decor taste has changed, and I didn't love the mirror. John still wanted it, but we kept finding an excuse not to get it. We finally decided (again) that we did want it but still don't really have the money to get it. Yes, it's only $99, but I could go to McDonalds like 12 times for that money. Well, thanks to mamaw, we were finally able to get the mirror. 

When my parents came in town for my birthday weekend, we were going to get it. Of course that didn't happen. Ikea was sold out of it and wasn't expected to get any in until July 31st. July 31st rolled around, and they were still out of stock and not expecting any to come in until August 6th. Sheesh.. We just want a damn mirror.

I happened to check online today to see if they happen to get any in stock early, and they did! YAY! But how in the hell would we get it back home. John drives a Honda Fit, and I have a Honda Civic - that ain't happenin'.

So off to Menard's we went to rent a truck. We called ahead and asked if we could reserve one, and the lady said we had 30 minutes before she would release the reserve. Um k.. I just rolled out of bed. Let me throw a bra on and lets go! We get there, rush passed the people in line at a cash register to get to the rental desk. We were 2 minutes past our 30 minute reserve time. I was mildly panicking, and John was like who else is going to rent a truck on a prime day at a prime time? He didn't really say that, but you get it. Little did we know, there was a another couple also walking to the rental desk to get the truck. We beat them by a second to the desk and got it first. YES! Victory! AND we were the chubbiest ones out of the couple battle.

John forgot his insurance card in his car, so I got to drive the truck.

Girl Scout Rule #1: always be prepared. 

I did pretty well driving the truck. I felt like I could just run anything and anyone over. It was so much fun!

Finally! Ikea! 

When you get to Ikea one minute before they actually open and go straight to the warehouse part, its one of the greatest feelings in the Ikea shopping world, especially when they have your product in stock. No line. No rudeness. We were so excited to finally have the mirror!

TADA! There he is! 

Please do excuse the mess on our dresser in the background and the suitcase that is unpacked but just hasn't been put away since our June beach trip. We are so pleased with the mirror! It's the perfect height, width, and chunkiness. The best part of all, you don't have to assemble it.

Does anyone else have a dramatic Ikea story? I would love to hear it - mainly to make myself feel better about all of this drama for a mirror.

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