Friday, August 18, 2017

West Elm Planter

Is this planter made of gold, and West Elm just painted it white?! It's so expensive, but.. I love it!

I've been eyeing it for probably around three months and just couldn't find anything comparable to it. Good thing I got some money for my birthday because I bought the damn thing. I couldn't bring myself to pay full price for it. Luckily, my mom had a coupon. Super mom to the rescue; she always has a coupon!

We went to the West Elm store to purchase the planter, but it was out of stock. Ugh.. I didn't want to buy it from the store and have them ship it there because I wanted it now and didn't want to drive all the way back out there and carry a planter through the mall (Who am I kidding, I wasn't going to carry it. John was.:)). Since there was no free shipping coupons and you can get free shipping to the store, we decided to go ahead and just get it from the store. They informed us it would take 2-4 weeks to ship. It took a total of 3 1/2 weeks, and I thought about it everyday until they called me saying it was in. It felt just like our Ikea story all over again.

We researched different plants we wanted to put in it. I even bought one and had to return it because it was poisonous to dogs. We finally agreed on this plant from Ikea. It seems pretty low maintenance, not poisonous to dogs, and reminds me of Florida. Winning.
The picture at the top was our "staged" blog picture that I was going to put on here by itself because it looks more esthetically pleasing than where we actually put it. But I wanted everyone to see where we really put the plant, which is the picture above with all of the crap in the background. After seeing the two pictures together on here, I kind of like the bottom picture better. It's more real.

Also, our plant has a name. I originally named him Henry (pronounced Aunree), but John thought Queen Elizabeth would fit better since it's a majesty palm. What do y'all think its name should be?


  1. I'm thinking Golden Queen! Cost + majestic = Golden queen

  2. I'm simply obsessed with you, your house and your blog 😍😍 I'm coming over soon! Possibly to help you celebrate football Saturday or Sunday!!😁😁

    1. Thank you my sweetness!:)) YAS! Come over anytime!