Monday, September 25, 2017

My Sunglasses Collection

For as long as I can remember, I've been a sunglasses snob. I started with several pairs of cheaper sunglasses then slowly transitioned into more expensive, better quality sunglasses. John was actually the one who encouraged me to buy a more expensive pair of sunglasses, and I'm so glad he did!
I bought my first pair of expensive sunglasses, which were the D&G aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses, back in 2010. At that time, they were $110. I loved (and still love) these sunglasses. I took such good care of them and felt so cool wearing them. These are now my beach and swimming pool sunglasses, meaning I don't care if they get water on them. I've gone under water many times with these sunglasses now, and they still look great for being seven years old.
The D&G sunglasses transitioned to more of beach and swimming pool sunglasses when I got my Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient Gold sunglasses. John bought these for me for my college graduation in 2013. I wear these more during Fall when the sun isn't quite as bright as summer since the lenses aren't as dark. I do wish I would have picked out the larger frames, but the regular frames fit my face much better. The only complaint I have about these sunglasses are that they get stuck in your hair if you put them on your head, and they aren't quite as sturdy feeling as my other sunglasses.
John also bought me my next pair of sunglasses, which are the Hawkers Air Joker. He got these for me right before our wedding when he was buying groomsmen gifts. These weren't expensive sunglasses (around $40) but still more expensive than the normal $10 ones I used to buy. I love the frames and lenses in these sunglasses. They are funky and sturdy, and these are the closest thing to pink sunglasses that I have at the moment. I wore these the entire time on our honeymoon!
This next pair of sunglasses are my favorite ones I have ever owned. They are the Tom Ford Alicia sunglasses. They are oversized, sturdy, sit on my face and top of my head nicely, go with any outfit - they are everything I want in a pair of sunglasses! John bought these for me for Christmas 2014! These are, by far, the most expensive pair of sunglasses I own, and I would honestly buy them all over again. Totally worth the money! Tom Ford knows what they are doing when it comes to sunglasses.
My last pair of sunglasses actually came in my Rachel Zoe's Box of Style box this summer. They are the RAEN Durante Cat-Eye sunglasses. I feel like they look slightly goofy on my face, but I still love them because they are different. They are the tortoise shell look, which I don't have in my collection. These sunglasses are sturdy but sit on my head kind of funny. These are ones I leave in John's car, so when he is driving, I have a pair of sunnies in there.

If you can swing it, I do recommend getting a pair of quality sunglasses at least once in your life (or find someone who buys them for you - thank you so much John!). Most all of them are worth the money. Take your time and find YOUR perfect pair. It makes all the difference when you love them instead of just kind of like them. Plus, you don't want to spend your money on something you just like or want because everyone else has them.

Do you own expensive sunglasses? If so, which ones? I'm always looking for new ones:)

PHONE UPDATE: John surprised me on HIS birthday weekend with the new iPhone 8 Plus. I actually received it on the release day (Friday), which was so cool! I've never gotten a phone the day it has been released. I'm the one who gets it a year later, so this was so exciting for me! It was also so sweet that John shared his birthday weekend with me getting me new phone. I absolutely love it and bought this case for it at Best Buy. It was an open box, so we got it for $29.99!

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