Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Little Weekend That Could

...but it didn't.

Let me explain.

Friday night, kind of, went as planned, which was fantastic! We got to meet up with good friends, drink good beer at Recess Brewing, and eat good Mexican food!
I even got to wear my new Vans (late birthday present). I love these shoes. I feel so cool wearing them. Don't judge me.
Then we came home. My stomach started cramping, and I had the worst headache. I just wanted to crawl into bed. Instead of peacefully crawling into said bed, I went to the bathroom and dropped my phone in the toilet, which I have never done before in my life. This was after I dropped my phone on vacation and completely cracked my screen back in June, which I have also never done before in my life. Ugh. In June, I decided I was going to wait it out, with a cracked screen, for the iPhone 8. I was super excited to get a new phone but realized on Thursday it was too expensive for us right now, and I could live with my cracked phone to save money - there are other things I want to spend $40 a month on. That is until I dropped my phone in the toilet. Luckily, John was able to save it, and it just has some discoloration on the screen.

While all of this was going on Friday night, riots started occurring in St. Louis. Since we live about 20 minutes from the city, it didn't effect us too much until all of our plans started getting cancelled for the weekend.

I woke up Saturday morning, feeling much better, and was so excited for the day. We were going to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film while the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra performed the music, live! OH MY GOSH! I was over the moon excited for this. I've never gone to the Symphony before, and I love Harry Potter. We were going to get dressed up and have the best date night. Well, we received an email that said it was cancelled. The riots turned unpeaceful (is that a word? blogger says no. whatever.) Friday night and it continued into Saturday, so the Symphony did not feel like it would be safe to have the concert. I completely understand and appreciate them thinking of our safety, but damn I was disappointed. I already painted my fingernails, used cuticle oil, and shaved my legs. At least they gave us the notice in a good amount of time. I would have been pissed if I were doing my makeup and then had to take it all back off again. 

Since our plans were a bust, I decided to start unpacking the last two boxes in our bedroom. That ended with a huge mess on the floor and no pathway to John's side of the bed or the bathroom. Whoops. The boxes got unpacked though!

We washed and put back together Layla and Penny's beds. They were so excited to have their "big" bed back.
For supper, we decided to try another new place, Marco's Express. The pizza and service were fantastic. I definitely recommend! Afterwards, John wanted to show me more wood working tools he wants from Lowe's for his birthday on Friday. We later came back home to watch some LSU football, but they lost. Ugh.
Now it's Sunday. We were supposed to go pick up our free Cardinals tickets from Busch Stadium and watch the game at Ballpark Village, but we received another cancellation email due to the riots. Ugh. I guess it kind of worked out for the best. John's throat was starting to hurt him last night, and he's not feeling 100% today. I was able to clean up a few of the piles on the floor from the two boxes in the bedroom I unloaded last night and organize them. I still have more to go but there is a pathway now, so I think I will do the rest at a later date. We also have been watching some football today, but the Saints lost. Ugh. Just a continuation of the weekend. We also watched Helene in Between's House Hunters International episode, which was so inspiring and exciting! Now we are watching Big Bang Theory reruns. Wild Sunday night over here.
I'm hoping next weekend will be better since it's John's birthday! How did your weekend go?

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