Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Scary Movie Update & Favorite Faux Fur Blanket

Well, we only made it through four out of the ten movies this weekend on John's List of Scary Movies for the Weekend.

With LSU, Yankees, and Saints playing this weekend, plus work and running a couple of errands, we just kind of ran out of time.

We were able to watch Scream, Hostel, Amityville Horror (2005), and From Dusk til Dawn. Amityville Horror was by far my favorite, followed by Scream, then Hostel, and lastly, From Dusk til Dawn.

Amityville Horror literally had me sweating like a beast because I was so scared. I think I might even have a small break out on my forehead where I was laying against John's arm and sweating.

I'm hoping we can get more of the movies in this weekend. Our week is pretty full because we are preparing to go see John's family in Pennsylvania. I have honestly been looking forward to this trip since this summer. With Fall coming a little later than normal, I'm so excited to see what the mountains will look like. Last year we went to Pennsylvania in the middle of August, so it was still quite warm and summery, so I'm looking forward to the foliage. I love the word foliage and will say it from when I see the first Fall foliage of the year until all the trees die.

The trip is quite long, so I'm glad we are going when there won't be snow. It's a 12 hour drive for us, some of it through the mountains. Ice and mountains just don't mix well in my opinion, so I'm excited for the weather we will be getting. The temps are looking like they will be a high of 52 and low of 30. I gotta make sure and pack my cuddl duds, beanies, and scarves. 

I might even have to bring my fur blanket with me. Honestly, this is the best blanket I have ever owned, and I only paid $50 for it from the Pottery Barn outlet. That's a steal in my book, especially from Pottery Barn. It has a good weight and color, and the feel is so soft!

I've also talked John into letting me spend money on some new sweaters for the trip. I'm going to look at Old Navy and maybe Walmart. I used to love Walmart clothing. It was cheap and cute, but I haven't shopped there in quite some time. I'm hoping to get some good finds.

As John's grandpap in Pennsylvania would say, "well, I don't know what else to tell ya."

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