Thursday, November 9, 2017

Christmas Begins With Mistletoe Marketplace

This weekend, John, myself, Layla, and Penny all loaded up and went to Mississippi. We went in to see family, of course, but we chose this particular weekend for one thing and that is.. Mistletoe Marketplace!

Mistletoe Marketplace is presented by the Junior League of Jackson. It's held around the first weekend of November every year. This year there were 155 merchants from all around the United States. It's a tradition for me, my mom, mamaw, aunt, and cousins to go every year. We normally get there around 3:30pm and leave around 8:00pm. I can't speak for everyone else, but it kicks off the holiday season for me and momma. *que Jingle Bells*
This year not everyone was able to go because of different reasons, so it was just me and mom this year. We had an absolute blast! I may or may not have gotten blasted myself. Thanks to my sweet cousin Jennifer, we were able to go to the Corporate Sponsorship Lounge where you can drink and eat all you want! I took full advantage of it. I'm pretty sure I had a whole bottle of champagne when it was all said and done. Can you blame me? It was free, and I had a driver!
We mainly purchased food products, and mom bought me a Christmas shirt. We bought dips, turkey, bacon, bundt cakes, Mexican vanilla, and wine mix. I've eaten a Nothing Bundt Cakes bundt cake every night since Sunday. They are amazing, and I need 60 more to get me through the year!

1. Wear walking shoes.
2. Bring some patience.
3. Most people will have full on hair and makeup so dress accordingly. We never dress to the nines when we go but lots of others do.
4. You will always see someone you know, whether you like them and want to talk to them or not.
5. Baby fever hits hard when you see all of the cute baby clothes.
6. Prepare to stand in line for the grazing stations. I swear. It's like Sunday afternoon at SAMs in this place.
7. Watch out for the ladies with the drink carts.
8. The second building is not as good as the first.
9. Wear a crossbody purse, so you have free hands.
10. Your Christmas spirit will explode with joy because the decorations are always on point!

What is your favorite part of Mistletoe?

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