Thursday, November 2, 2017

Plus Size Fall Outfits

John and I went to Belleville, PA last week, and I loved everything that I brought with me to wear. 

Que outfit blog post.

I'm still new at this and didn't manage to get what I actually wore on the ride there and back. In the picture below, the gray shirt and maroon shirt, is what I wore to and from Pennsylvania. These shirts were incredibly comfortable. They have a small pocket on the front which I love, and they are long enough to wear with leggings.
This is the only picture I managed to get of my outfit on the way there. Hello snuggly (that's what we call it). Always a good fashion choice.

I love carrying my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse with me on all of my trips. It's a crossbody that is a decent enough size to fit everything I need to in it without being to bulky and heavy. I got it from Century 21 in 2014, and I can't find a link to it anymore. This one is similar.

My Vans. I absolutely love the look of these shoes, and I highly recommend getting these socks to go with them. They stay on my foot nicely and don't slide down into my shoe.
On the first day, I wore this sweater. I bought it in three different colors, and I'm so glad I did. They go with everything, super comfortable, and long enough for leggings. For size reference, I got them in an XXL.

These leggings are everything. I have a wide load, and these leggings are thick enough to not become see through while stretching over my hips, butt, and thighs. The material is extremely durable, and they are high waisted. I've had these for 3 years, and they still look brand new. The color hasn't faded at all. I def recommend.

My boots are from SAMs, and I love them. I got them last year and have not seen them in store this year. I call them fUGGs for obvious reasons.
Second day, I wore the same sweater as the first day but in a different color. I love this vest for Fall/Winter. It's from Old Navy a few years ago, but this one is similar just different material. Its thick enough to keep me warm and has pockets!

My boots are several years old, and I have no earthly idea where I got them.
Third day, same sweater, different color.
I love the combo of this bracelet with the Ronaldo 'The Princess' bracelet. Mixed metals is my jam.
Different sweater but practically the same color as the one from the day before. I also wore a maroon shirt the following day. I might be slightly obsessed with maroon for Fall. I love that this sweater is V-neck just to change up the look a bit.

These jeggings are my faves. They have stretch to them which I love to hug my curves. I will warn you that they are not tight on your ankles, so it's harder to stuff them into boots.
Last but not least, my jammies. T-shirt from some golf tournament John was in. Toothpaste stain from the morning I took this photo. Bottoms are comfy and lightweight. Perfect for traveling and lounging.
Hope you enjoyed this nonconventional outfit post.

Yes, my pictures are blurry, and I have no idea why. I shall fix it for next time:) Also, props again to fashion bloggers. This shit is hard and time-consuming.

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