Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Roaming Traveler: Lewistown, Pennsylvania

As you might have read, John and I went to Pennsylvania a couple of weeks back to visit some of his family. We had the best and most relaxing time! The trees had already turned colors, and the weather was cool, crisp, and cloudy.

We stayed in Belleville, PA at a guest house that is owned by the retirement community his grandparents are living. You can only stay there if you have family that lives in the retirement community, which is really nice for us to visit since there really aren't any hotels around the area.
Belleville, PA has one of America's oldest Amish settlements. It is very active with buggies and home-made goods. Every Wednesday is the Amish Market and Auction. I got to see my first live auction which was really cool, even if they were just auctioning off eggs and radishes.
We did a good bit of exploring around the mountain while we were in Belleville and Lewistown. So much of this area reminded me of scenes from Hocus Pocus!
One of John's dad's favorite places to visit is Greenwood Furnace State Park. It has a lake to swim in, trails to hike, gorgeous scenery, and so much more. The park is 423 acres, so you can definitely find something to do.
Another place we went to visit was Seven Points Marina in Raystown. This was recommended to us by John's grandpap. He went on a bus ride with some of the residents at the retirement community and told us it was "beau-tee-full". The lake and area was beautiful. I would love to get out there on a boat in the summer time. 
Onto my favorite part.. wine and food.

We visited two wineries Brookmere Winery, which we went to last year, and Hawstone Hollow Winery, which was a new one for us to visit. Brookmere Winery grows their own grapes and makes their own wine. One of my favorites is their Red Fox wine. It's described as a sweet and spicy red wine. It has a cinnamon flavor to it, which is great for the holidays. My other favorites are Berries Gone Wild, Frog Hollow, Sangria, and Tears of the Goose. Hawstone Hollow Winery does not grow their own fruit, but they do make their own wine. They import most ingredients in and try to use local when they can. Right now they are using local apples and honey. Their wine was something I have never tasted before. It hardly tasted like wine and more like juice. It was fantastic! We may or may not have gotten 3 bottles - Crangrape, Hawstone Cooler, and Blackberry. I would definitely give both of these wineries a visit!

Some of my favorite restaurants that we visited in Lewistown are Honey Creek Inn Restaurant (breakfast), Richie's OIP (cheesesteak hoagie), South Side Hoagie Shop (italian hoagie), and Angelo's (breadsticks, salad dressing).

If you ever go to Penn State in State College, PA, drive down to Belleville and Lewistown. It's about a 30 minute drive. You will meet some friendly people and have some picturesque views along the way.

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