Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Tree Pickin'

Happy December y'all!

Where in the heck did November go? I was finally in a routine of writing blog posts and then.. well, I just don't know. But I'm here.

Christmas trees. Who doesn't love a Christmas tree? John and I debated on buying a real tree this year or finally breaking down and buying an artificial tree.

We decided to break down and buy an artificial tree since we are officially in our new house. Last year, we moved into the house on December 16th during a freak ice storm. We bought a real tree, put lights on it, and didn't bother with ornaments since we didn't have much time with it. So this year, we were ready to go all out.

It started when we came back from our trip to Mississippi. We got back early enough that we had time to go out and look for one. I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted. It was a Balsam Hill Christmas tree. There was only one problem.. We don't have thousands of dollars we can spend on said tree.
So off we went to look for a 9' tree with lots of (non led) lights that wasn't too fat or too skinny and didn't break the bank.

We first searched Hobby Lobby. Every tree I saw in there had pine cones in it, which I didn't want. Next, we went to Home Depot. The trees didn't have enough lights on them so off to Lowe's we went. I thought we had found the tree, but it didn't come in a 9'. Lastly, we tried Menards. We don't have a Menards in Mississippi, so we normally don't think to look here. Low and behold, we found THE perfect tree. I knew it was meant to be because I picked it out twice in the store in two different displays. It is absolutely perfect and ticks off every box on my check list.

We have had it up for a while, but we haven't been able to decorate it yet. We made our ten month house walk through last Wednesday (yes, it is passed ten months since we moved into the house) where they fix nail pops and re-caulk. John thought it wouldn't be smart to decorate with our nice ornaments just yet until the men finished because they would most likely have to move the tree. I agreed with him, but now they are having to come back this Wednesday to paint over the holes. So my tree is still not decorated, and it might not even get decorated at this point. The lights themselves look so pretty on the tree though that I'm actually okay with not getting to decorate it this year.
 I would love to know if you prefer real trees or artificial trees. I love the experience of going to buy a real tree from that Hallmark-esque Christmas tree lot, so I might try to talk John into letting us get a real tree and set it up in the front room of the house.

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