Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Opening Day


John has been a huge Yankees fan his entire life, and I chose the Yankees as my team several years ago because Chipper Jones was an ass when we went to an Atlanta Braves game. He was my favorite player back in the day, and I wanted to be a Braves fan like my grandma. But Chipper ruined it for me. So naturally, I had to pick a new team. It was between the Yankees and the Dodgers. I loved the color navy for the Yankees, and I loved the royal blue color for the Dodgers and the way their hats looked. Eventually, the pinstripe of the Yankees won me over.
Since John and I have moved to Illinois, we have obviously become Cardinals fans as well. It just comes with the territory up here. We talk about how we cheer for two teams, but if it came down to the Yankees playing the Cards, we would choose the Yankees every time. I haven't been to a Yankees game YET, but I did get to see the Yankees Stadium when we visited NYC in 2014.
I am so excited for baseball season this year. We live 15 minutes from St. Louis, and we love going to the games. We ride the Redbird Express which picks us folks up in Illinois and takes us to the game for $5 a person. You can't beat that price. It's so much fun riding over with everyone too. You see sweet old couples who have beens fans forever, fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, entire families including wrinkly newborns, and just your average fans.
We have been very fortunate to have gone to several Cardinals games. The organization will run specials on tickets, like $5 tickets, and we will snag some of those. We might see games that aren't as popular, but we still have so much fun! We love going to games when people come to visit.
I feel like there really isn't a bad seat in the stadium either, but I do have a favorite section. The first Cardinals game John and I went to together we sat in section 355. It's the perfect spot. You are on the third baseline, in direct line with the score board, the Arch, and can see into the Cardinals dugout. We have sat in this area a couple of times, and it's just my fave, especially if you are on the rail!

If you go to a Cardinals game, I highly recommend the Ultimate Stadium Nacho Tater Tots!


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup

In this post I talked about wanting to make a homemade vegetable beef soup. I had a few requirements when searching for the right recipe. I wanted it to be done with fresh vegetables and use a crock pot. I ended up following this recipe.
 The only thing I would change about the recipe is how to do the meat. We trimmed very little fat then seared it. Next time, I think we will trim maybe more of the fat or cook the meat separately and add it at the end. It made the actual soup part a little too fatty in my opinion. However, John loved it. He said it just needed some Mexican cornbread (his favorite)!
 Even if the soup didn't turn out exactly how I pictured it, I had the best time going to Soulard, picking out the vegetables, cutting them up, and making the actual soup and doing it all with John. I loved it! However, it felt like it took nine years to cut up those vegetables, but we made it through. Anytime a recipe gives a prep time, I know to just go ahead and double the time for myself.

Do you have any good crock pot soup recipes? I would love to try them!

I will leave you with my and John's attempt of a photoshoot before we left Soulard Market. Photoshoot attempts always make me laugh, and this outfit is one of my absolute faves! So comfy and cute! Some of the items were sold out, but I linked some that are similar below:)

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Soulard Market

A couple of weeks back I had an idea.. I wanted to make vegetable beef soup. I didn't want to make just any vegetable beef soup. Oh no. That would be too easy. I wanted to make it from fresh vegetables that we got from Soulard Market on an early Saturday morning. 

John and I had been to Soulard Market several times but never really to buy anything. Weird, right? We first went to just see it and experience it. After that, we have been several times with my parents. My mom LOVES the fresh vegetables and the spice shop. I honestly think the Soulard Spice Shop is her favorite and then she just buys vegetables because they are there and such a good deal. 
 It is chock-full (I had no clue that is how you spell that phrase. I always thought it was chaulk full.) of spices, coffee, teas, and other fun goodies. Mom's favorites are Soulard Grill Spice, Garlic Romano, and Applewood Spice; Dad's favorite is Powdered Jalapeno.
 Normally this place is filled with people of all ages searching for vegetables and fruits. We got lucky on this day because it was dreary, and no one wanted to get out. Hell, even some of the vendors weren't setup. It was nice to be able to walk around and actually see what everyone was selling. We met some of the nicest vendors too!
We didn't buy an peppers, but I needed a picture of me actually looking at the vegetables. You know. For the blog. I thought it turned out cute. Scroll on down for John's try. He looks like he has never seen a cucumber before, and I love it.
 I was so proud of my picture of carrots until I got home and really looked at it. It looks like a basket full of.. I mean, you get it. However, the carrots were huge. We bought two for our vegetable beef soup, and it was way too many. We used them for the vegtable beef soup and a roast, and we still had to throw some of them away.
 Huh? Cucumber? I love him! He's such a trooper!
 Soulard Market has a fun atmosphere, especially when it gets warmer outside. It has been around since 1779, so if you are in the Soulard area, it's worth just walking passed even if you aren't in the need of fruits and veggies. There is also a meat market and flower shop here.

I'm nosey, so I love to see what other people are buying, especially people that are more of my age. One day I'm going to ask them what meal they are preparing because I just want to know. Usually you see lots of older people at farmer's markets, so it's nice to see people my age and younger going out and buying fresh veggies and fruits instead of always hitting up the drive-thru, which I am 100% guilty of doing.

PRO TIP: I highly recommend getting some tamales from Juan More Tamale. They are fantastic!