Monday, June 18, 2018

Taste of Downtown STL 2018

This past weekend I was itching to do something that wouldn't cost a lot of money but was also in the city. I went to my go-to place to look for things to do on the weekend in St. Louis, Explore St. Louis. As I browsed the "5 Things To Do This Weekend" section, I saw Taste of Downtown St. Louis. The event was free and sounded like fun, so I drug John out to it. I say drug.. He willingly went so I didn't have to go by myself.

As I said, my goal was to do something cheap. Admission was free, and I promised John I would not spend more than $10. Well when he decided to go, I had to change it so we could each spend $10, and we had to share. He agreed, and we were all set! After I got off of work on Saturday, we loaded into the car with our cold water bottles and set out on our sar-venture.
We found parking a block away, and it only cost $3! So far so good. We walked to the venue, and it was much more sparse than I had thought it would be. There were 15 food/drink vendors. I was expecting to see sidewalk to sidewalk vendors. In the end, I liked the amount of vendors that were out there. It wasn't overwhelming and easy to look around.
Our plan was to walk around the entire festival then get food. On our stroll, we saw some booths that caught our eye, but then we found the booth we would come to love. That booth was Mango! The workers looked like they were having the best time and seemed so friendly, and their food sounded different. Mango is a Peruvian restaurant in St. Louis, which is something I've never tried before; therefore, it checked the different box for me.
We walked up to the booth and had no clue what was on the menu, so we just asked. They were more than happy to explain what we were eating and about how it was made. It was fantastic! We ended up getting chifles with verde (plantain chips and verde salsa) and papa a la huancaina (easy explanation is potatoes with a cheese type sauce)! It was AH-MAZING! We can't wait to go eat at their actual restaurant. We also got a stacked breakfast slider from another food vendor. It was good, but it was nothing different and nothing wowing, especially after eating the food from Mango's booth.

At this point, we had spent $11 at Mango ($5 for each dish then $1 tip), and we spent $3 on the breakfast slider. After gobbling our food down, we realized the cold waters we brought were still on the car. I didn't feel like walking a block in the heat for some lukewarm waters, so we bought two from the same place we got the breakfast sliders, which added $2 to our total amount spent.
With $4 left, we decided to try a boozey popsicle. I spied it with my little eye when we first got to the festival but knew I couldn't jump at the first thing I saw. Let's just say the popsicle didn't make it. We were warned ahead of time, but I had to have it. It cost $5 plus I tipped $1.

It was probably one of the hottest days I have ever experienced in St. Louis. There was ZERO wind. My fivehead was burning, and when I got home, my bra cups were half soaked in sweat. It was hot, but we made the most of it. We almost came in at budget had I not tipped or left waters in the car, so I'll give myself half a point for trying. We had a really good time and will probably go again next year. It's a great way to try something new without being committed to a restaurant.