Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bath & Body Works Loot

I feel like the word haul is overused. When I see the word, I immediately roll my eyes but also get really excited because I love a good haul. I'm trying out the word loot instead. I don't know, but I think you get it.
I told myself, and John, and my credit card that I was going to skip getting fall candles this year. I have two left over from last year, and my dad got me this one for Christmas! It just didn't seem that I needed more UNTIL my sweet parents picked up two for me when they went to get their fall stash. They got me Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, one of my all time favorites, and Heirloom Apple, a new candle I had never smelled before but slowly falling in love with it.
With adding these new little editions to my fall collection and getting a 20% off coupon over the weekend, I decided I needed to get some fall wallflowers. I have always used wallflowers, but when we moved into our new house (almost 2 years ago), I never set them up. I was recently rummaging through my candle/smell good chest of drawers and found all of my wallflowers. I felt like I hit the jackpot. We bought a few scents for the summer, but um, hello.. September 1st means we can get our fall on over here at the Hubler manor. John picked out Caramel Apple, and I chose Apple Cinnamon Cider. We decided to just get two fragrances, so we could get some of the other fragrances we liked in candle form.
In my email, I saw that the candles were on sale as well as the wallflowers. With my 20% coupon, I was ready to go. On Monday, we conquered the BBW trip only to find out that the candle sale was over. What?! I already had 5 candles in my bag ready to go to the counter. John was like, "um, we need to make sure these things are still on sale because I don't see a sign." Sure enough. They were only on sale Saturday, so we compromised and got Vampire Blood and Hot Cocoa & Cream. I was promised that we could come back to get the others once they were on sale again:)

We also picked up the Ghoul Friend foaming hand soap. I am loving BBW's new Halloween scents. From what I understand, this is the first year they have come out with actual Halloween scents, and I'm here for it! They smell amazing! I also picked up two candle holders that I love! I couldn't find them on their website but hopefully they still have them in store!

What is your favorite Bath & Body Works candle?

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