Sunday, October 28, 2018

First Time at a Comedy Club

Last night, John and I went to see Whitney Cummings at Helium Comedy Club. This was my first comedy show to ever go to, and to be honest, I was kind of nervous. I didn't want to be "called out" by any of the comedians. Center of attention doesn't look good on me, mainly because my cheeks will look like Santa's. From watching tv shows and movies, I knew I didn't want to sit in the front and I shouldn't get up to go to the bathroom because that's who they prey on. It really wasn't bad at all for those particular people, but I was happy to stay out of dodge:)

I thought the shows were really good. Notice, I said shows. There is an opening act to the main act at a comedy club. Whitney's opening act was Alexis Guerreros, and I thought he was really good. I wasn't sure how I would like the opening act because we don't "know" the person, but he turned out to be great. The opening act helps get the crowd's laughing box tickled and ready for the main act. That was something I didn't know. I also didn't know that each person had to purchase at least two items from the menu which can get kind of pricey.

I love how you forget that the person you are watching is actually a celebrity and how it feels almost like a conversation with that person. I like the personal feel of it and how they feed off of the audience. The crowd was a little on the quieter side (according to the comedians), so I feel like it was difficult for the comedians to get going.

I would say my overall experience was good, not great. I would love to go to another show with maybe a bigger audience to see if that helps any. Both comedians were really good, and I laughed the entire time. I just wanted to belly laugh at something, and it didn't happen for me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

September iPhone Picture Dump

This September has been an absolute whirlwind that has come and gone, but I have loved every minute it! I thought it would be appropriate to share some pictures of this past month since I've been a little absent.

At the beginning of September, John's dad and step-mom came to visit for John's dad's birthday! We had the best time catching up and showing them around our area. The next weekend John and I took a much needed trip home to Mississippi. We didn't get to make the friend round this time, but we got to see a ton of family! His family visiting the weekend before and going to Mississippi the second weekend was just what this girl needed especially after feeling so homesick for a while.
Layla and Penny are always such good car riders, but they were super antsy this trip. I think they were just ready to get out of the car. I mean, I get it. You're sharing a nice, egg crate mattress with your sister who you want to sleep next to with your favorite toys and a momma who is constantly turning around and petting you. It makes perfect sense.
As you can see from above, Penny was extremely excited to get back into a swimming pool. She drank enough water to last her for about a month. Poor thing. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing Disease and one of the symptoms is drinking a lot of water.
On this Mississippi trip, I got to see my sweet Sophie, who turned 10 on September 7th and my sweet Bell! I don't know who was more excited, me, them, or my parents. 

This was my first Taylor Swift concert, and it was absolutely incredible! Charli XCX also killed the opening act! There was a dad and daughter duo standing in front of us that made my heart so happy. She was singing at the top of her lungs and her dad was right beside her enjoying every minute of it.

September 22nd was John's birthday!
I had to work for the first half of John's birthday (he also decided to cut the grass - who does that on their birthday?), but after I got home, birthday celebrations commenced! We started off by opening presents in the cozy room. Layla and Penny watched John read every single card and open up each present. It was the perfect family affair.
After opening presents, we drove to Micro Center for John to spend his birthday money on new parts for the computer he is building. We then went to Miniature Market to have a snoop around to see if he needed anything. Next, John wanted to rent a movie and eat Japanese food. We ate at Shogun, and John treated himself to an extra helping of rice. We then made our way to Family Video to rent Justice League, but before heading home, we had to make a quick stop to pick up the frozen cheesecake he wanted for his birthday cake. We bought individual slices, so he could try several different flavors. After finally getting home, we couldn't bring ourselves to watch Justice League because we were so tired and full, but we watched it the next day!:)
John's brother, wife, and baby came into town the next weekend and ermahgerd, baby fever hit hard! This kid is freaking adorable, and I feel like I need one! We made a trip out to Eckert's to get some pumpkins and eat at their restaurant. It was really good! Apple butter is my new fave. We enjoyed having them in town so much, just getting to hangout and visit was the perfect ending to a great month!
We finished off the last day of September by getting some our Halloween/fall decorations together. They were 1/2 off at Eckert's on the weekend we went, so we loaded up!

October is now in full swing around our house.. well, at least on the inside. On the outside, it's running high 80s and not feeling anywhere near fall. What's the temperature like where you live? I thought I moved to a state that had more seasons than Mississippi, but this year is proving to be otherwise:)