Monday, November 19, 2018

My Christmas Wishlist 2018

John has the pro Vans and absolutely loves them. These will be so cute for walking around in Italy next year!:)

This color is one of my faves. My current bottle is old and goes on streaky, so I think it's time to 'lemme upgrade ya'.

For my birthday this year, John got me a new camera. It has been fantastic, BUT the camera strap that came with it cuts into my neck. This one looks like it will be super comfortable, and it got really good reviews on Amazon.

I'm mildly obsessed with Zoe's vlogs and her decorating skills. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

Every time someone comes to visit, John and I take a picture with them and hang it on our wall. Our wall hanger isn't currently matching our decor plus it's falling apart. I love the idea of this glitter photo album to put them in.

6. brush
It was a toss up between the Wet Brush and the Tangle Teezer but ultimately I like the idea of a handle on my brush, so I'm going to try the Wet Brush first.

7. jeans
The picture edit I did at the top make these jeans look very unflattering but just go to the website - they look like cute, comfortable jeggings that will happily replace mine that have a hole in the crotch.

If you read this post, then you know I'm obsessed with my throw I got from PB. The shams will complete the entire look I want for our bed, plus I've been eyeing them for two years.

I reach for the same few studs I have and am wanting to spice it up a little bit with some new ones.

I have the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean and LOVE it, but I'm wanting something not quite so bulky to travel with and not as expensive. This toothbrush looks sleek, cute, and compact - exactly what I'm looking for.

11. mascara
I'm usually a drugstore mascara girl, but I've heard such good things about this one.

Who doesn't love Reese?!

The idea for these was mainly for Italy, but I think they will come in handy for whenever we travel.

I love sunglasses! These will be a great addition to my collection. I love the blue lenses too!

This is kind of along the same idea as a gift guide, right? It's very few and far between I actually put together a Christmas list (especially this early) but hopefully you can get some inspo from it. What are some things you are wanting for Christmas?!

I know that some of these items have already been purchased for Christmas. Santa John has the 'master list' if you have any questions about anything. Hahaha!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide - For The Cozy Homebody

My first ever holiday gift guide is here! This was so much fun to make! Of course my first gift guide would be tailored for someone like myself - someone that likes to sit in front of the fire (or the fan if you're in the South), with her dogs, watching a Christmas movie, usually eating candy and drinking chocolate milk or hot chocolate, just depends.

Let me start by saying that I know this blanket is expensive, BUUUTTTTT it's worth it, especially if you find it at a Pottery Barn outlet on sale (which is how we found ours). This blanket is the perfect throw size. I'm 5'7", and it fits my length perfectly. I love, love the color because it's not your typical brown faux fur. Gray fits my lifestyle more than brown even though I want brown faux fur euro shams and blanket for my guest room 😬 The blanket also has some weight to it, which makes me feel like I'm being hugged. We recently had a friend come and stay with us, and he even fell in love with this blanket. If a guy tells you he really likes a blanket, the blanket is damn good.

2. candle
Besides Bath & Body Works, Capri Blue candles are my second favorite. You can't beat the Volcano candle. It smells incredible and is also one of John's favorite scents. I bought the larger version of this candle (which is $66), and the only reason John didn't kill me was because he loves the scent so much. The glass jar is beautiful, and the reason I splurged was simply so that I could reuse the container. It has an antique feel with a modern touch that is so pretty.

John's parents gave me these house shoes probably 3 years ago, and they are still my go-to. I've walked most of the fur off of the bottom, but I still love them. I love hard soles because I can go outside and not get my feet wet. It helps when you have to let the dogs out and one of them is across the yard and won't come inside. I'm looking at you Layla.

For my babes in the South and my hot natured babes, these sleep shorts are for you. I think I own 7 pairs of them and used to keep them on repeat (back when dis ass fit in a XXL instead of a 2x - yes there is a difference - no I didn't know there was a difference). I now see they come in a plus size version, and they are now added to my Christmas list (size 3x please family).

For the babes that live in the cold or are cold natured, get you these leggings. They are perfect for lounging around the house and going out. They suck you in, in all the right places, and I love that you can throw on a long shirt and some cute booties and go out on the town when you get that whim. You might even get a whim to wear them with your house shoes and just run to the store, and I say that is fine too. I don't judge. If it weren't for my husband, I'd be right there with you.

When you're in your comfy mood, you want to have a comfy shirt to go with it. These t-shirts are what you need. I have 2 of them, and I can't get over how soft they are. They wash really well and don't shrink plus they go up to a 4XL. I have my eye on the shirt linked, but I'm also wanting the shirt that comes out in December that says 'Heaux' (also size 3x family).

Oddly enough, I really enjoy wearing a pullover around the house especially with no bra. You can answer the door, take the dogs out, run to the store, and no one even notices. I have this pullover in a teal color with blue details that I really love, and I recently bought a pullover from SAMs that I really love but can't find anywhere. The brand is Souther Grit, and it's a cream and brown aztec print. It's probably at least half the price of the one linked and just as good. I just bought it 2 weeks ago, so I'm sure they are still there. The internet is acting like they have never heard of this brand before, but I know it's out there people.

8. robe
I have tried to be a robe person, but I can't get into it. If I were though, I would get this one. It's extremely soft and has pockets!

While lounging around, I eventually put my hair up in a ponytail or messy bun. I love doing that with scrunchies. They make me feel cute when I'm looking like a bag of assholes. I also like that I don't feel like my hair is breaking like with a normal ponytail holder, and they actually hold my hair in place.

Lastly while lounging, I normally paint my nails (at least lately I have been). I cannot rave enough about Essie's gel nail polish. I'm a pharmacy technician and constantly using my hands. This nail polish lasts around 6-7 days on me!!!!! That's a big deal. I use the Essie gel polish, apply 2 coats, then apply the gel topcoat. I wait about 2 minutes in between each coat. Trust me, your cozy, nail polish friend needs this! It will not disappoint.