Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year - New 'Tude

Happy New Year y'all! Last year, I set goals that I, like most others, failed miserably. This time, I have set no new goals this year except to live everyday like this weekend below. I've had an emotional year to say the least. I missed home and family a lot more than I ever have before and that was something new to deal with. I would cry for no apparent reason, and I didn't know how to deal with it. This year I'm hoping to have a new attitude and laugh more than I cry:)
My parents came in town the first week of December, which has become a tradition for us since I moved to Illinois. We do every Christmas thing we possibly can in the St. Louis area, some new and some old. On this particular day, my parents had just arrived into town and I had gotten off of work early to greet them and start my Christmas weekend with them. Once John got home from work, we all ran upstairs to put on our best Christmas attire and off to St. Louis we drove. We went to Miracle, which is a neighborhood bar that transforms into a Christmas-themed bar and walked through the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Lights. Other things we did that weekend were ate the most amazing clam chowder at the Lemp Mansion Restaurant, went to the U.S. Bank Wild Lights at the St. Louis Zoo and rode on the carousel and made smores, saw the Magic Chef Mansion decorated for Christmas, saw Santa and fed reindeer, rode around looking at Christmas lights, and made cookies.

My dad said he felt like a kid again and that's exactly what my goal is for the new year - laugh more, don't compare, and don't worry what other people think (one of my biggest downfalls).

Kick some ass this New Year!

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