Thursday, January 3, 2019

Winter Bedding Of My Dreams

*Pictured: red spot in left hand corner from my red lamp shade that doesn't match anything in our room. *Not pictured: my stuffed animals patiently sitting on the floor so I can take this picture

Since John and I got married in 2016, I've had the hardest time picking out bedding. I went from my full size bed to John's massive king size bed. The first thing I learned (very quickly) was bedding for a king size bed is expensive. I get it. It's like why plus size clothing is more expensive - they have to use more material.

BUT! After almost 3 years of searching, I have found the perfect bedding. This is more of our winter bedding because of the heavier throw and shams, but I could not love this combination more.

I recently saw another blogger (livingmybeststyle) rave about these sheets on instagram. Side note: She's really good at finding amazing deals, and I feel like she's an amazon wizard. I was a little skeptical, but I knew we needed good sheets that we both liked. Who knew you could disagree over sheets? Well, I'm here to tell ya, you can. We gave these sheets a try, and WE absolutely LOVE them. They are super soft and light-weight. I'm like a tornado when I'm sleeping, and the sheets stay tucked in on all the corners. I highly, highly recommend them! We ended up getting the white striped and gray striped. And, these king size sheets are only $30!!!!

Velvet is clearly in right now, and I was wanting to get a green velvet duvet cover. I couldn't find one that I really liked then I saw West Elm was having a sale on this duvet. At the time, it was still $125 which was steeper than I wanted to pay. When my family came into town, we went to the mall and saw they were having a sale on top of the $125 sale. John ended up getting me the duvet and three standard shams for Christmas. I will say they aren't quite as soft as I thought they would be for velvet, but I love the look and the fact that you never have to iron them (not that I would anyone)! I was originally looking at the navy, but we have a big navy blanket that goes on the bed in the summer. I'm so happy that we went with the pink. It's not over the top girly, but it's feminine enough and breaks up the dark, heavy, faux fur look nicely! Even John was pleasantly surprised at how the pink turned out in our bedroom. The king size duvet is currently on sale for $79 and available in all three colors! The shams are also on sale!

I'm sure y'all are tired of me talking about these faux fur throws and euro shams from Pottery Barn, but I just love them so much! On my Christmas list, I had asked for three gray euro shams to match my throw, and to my surprise, my sweet parents bought me the euro shams AND the larger throw for our bed for Christmas! DIVA MOMENT: I didn't want to have to bring my blanket from downstairs up to bed with me every night then back downstairs when I got home from work. It was probably one of my favorite Christmas presents. I've been wanting the euro shams for about two years but could never pull the trigger on buying them. I figured since I had been wanting them for so long I would ask for them for Christmas! They are exactly what I wanted and make the bed look complete!

Clearly, I love our new bed setup. I've actually made the bed every morning except for two since the day after Christmas. Ummm, that's an incredible accomplishment for me. I hate making the bed, but I love seeing it all put together!

My question for the day is, do you make your bed every morning?


  1. I like my sleep way too much to make my bed every morning!! ���� but I love your cute bed covers!! ��

    1. Girl, I feel ya! I try to sleep until the very last second. Thank you so much!:))