Sunday, March 3, 2019

Get Your Paint On

After almost a year from writing this post, we finally painted over the builder grade white paint in most of the house. We painted almost all of the downstairs except for the dining room and cozy room, and we painted the upstairs hallway and most of the large wall in our stairway (it's very high and we couldn't reach certain places so they remain unpainted at the moment).

I was so nervous about the color we picked because I wanted to know it would be the right one. I've been looking at the sample wall for a whole year, and I still loved my original choice - Sherwin-Williams Light French Gray.

Sherwin-Williams was having a 30% off sale until January 31st (which I believe they run quite often), I had a coupon from their website, and I received money for Christmas from my parents. I had nothing to hold me back... except maybe a tad bit of laziness and a shit ton of dog hair. But we made it to SW, late on a Saturday afternoon. It was such an ideal time to go. Ya know, more than half of the day was gone, nothing was cleaned or removed from the walls, we (I) was just going with ambition only.

Before and after pictures were very hard for me to come by. Our house was and still is a wreck. I will show more probably through instagram stories than taking actual pictures of it. Yes, this is a shameless plug for you to follow me. I'm trying to be more active over there:)
This picture was the Saturday that we actually bought the paint. It. Was. Terrible. I cleaned the area and started painting and HATED the color. I thought it was too dark, and I felt overwhelmed with all of the cleaning I was going to have to do. If you have dogs, you know that dog hair goes everywhere and sticks to everything. Trying to clean all of the hair and keep it clean while painting was quite a chore. Nothing like some spring cleaning in the dead of winter. I ended up giving up this night, so I could start fresh on Sunday per John's suggestion. He might know me better than I know myself.
 Fresh start Sunday. I had the job of cutting in, and John's job was to roll the house. We were both happy with those jobs because I'm terrible at rolling and he hates to cut in. I have to give John a lot of credit. He despises painting, but he kept my spirits up and helped me get the job done. We went through several Spotify playlists and had the best time doing everything together.
Like I said before, it was hard for me to get before and after pictures. With so much natural light coming in, it looks like we didn't even paint sometimes, and when it gets darker outside, the paint looks darker. The pictures from the kitchen show more of the contrast with the white cabinets and trim.
 BEFORE. Upstairs hallway.

We are EXTREMELY happy with the way the house and color turned out! Our house is starting to feel more like home as we start rearranging and decorating. We even KonMari'd our dish towels today. Hey, every little bit counts.